Illawarra District Table Tennis Association


Come learn to play table tennis with experienced coaches

Join our growing ensemble of Junior players

Graeme and his coaching team run a table tennis coaching program where they teach the 4 basic shots forehand and backhand topspin (attack), and forehand and backhand backspin (defence).
They then teach the class how to serve using these shots.
Each week has a demonstration of the shot, practice for the class, games of singles or doubles and a round Robin game practicing the shot.

Lots of Juniors enjoy using the robot to drill their shots.

Coaching sessions will run from 6.30pm till 7.30pm each Thursday night at Beaton Park Leisure centre during school terms.

The cost of coaching is $50 per school term. Juniors can pay with the Active Kids vouchers twice a year to cover registrations and coaching costs through Service NSW

The active kids vouchers can be added on line via our website.

We are Child Safe Sport accredited via Table Tennis NSW. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s safety, please speak to one of the coaching team. See here for more information.