Illawarra District Table Tennis Association

How to join our club


This page describes how players Register for Membership and Competitions and is intended as a help page for these activities

First of all you need to understand the structure of our club websites

  • Our main website, where you are now, contains information on club activities, news, competition details and provides links to our administration website provided by Revolutionisesport. To find out what’s happening this is the place to be
  • Annual membership and entering various events is done on revsport site. You will be directed to the relevant form from the main website or in some cases a hyperlink.

To play in our regular competitions you need to complete two forms

  • Annual Membership to the club. This includes insurance cover and is mandatory for all competition players
  • Joining the relevant “event”. For example, the spring and winter comps, junior coaching or capturing attendees at social events

How to Renew or Register for Annual Membership

  • Players are able to renew annual membership from early January and are encouraged to do so as soon as registrations are open. This helps the match committee develop the winter competition structure. New members can sign up at any time.
  • Follow this link to the online membership form:  or enter from the menu item below this how to
  • Click on RENEW for existing members a REGISTER for new members
  • Once relevant details are entered or updated there are 3 registration types to choose from. Most members will be social. Ie plays in Wollongong

            Social. Plays in Wollongong

            State. Enters competitions in more than one club across the state

            National. Plays in national events

  • In the form make sure that the club is selected and you tick the fields marked with a *.
  • Click the NEW MEMBER or RETURNING MEMBER button
  • At the bottom of the page you need to show you are not a robot and then proceed to pay
  • Please pay by credit card. The transactions are secure and this simplifies the behind the scenes allocation of the fees

Entering “Events”

You will find the current Events under the Registrations menu tab for this website

To join the competition you will be asked to login. Login details are provided by email whem you firt register for membership. Record this information or better still allow your device to save it for you.

However, If you have forgotten your login details

  • Your user name is likely to be the initial of you first name then your Last name eg asmith for Alan Smith
  • If you cannot remember your password or usename for that matter then click the FORGOT LOGIN DETAILS  button and enter what you know. You will need to use the same email address you registered for membership with
  • You will get an email with new login details. Save them!!

Competitions and Trainng

There are two competitions (winter and spring) each year run on Monday nights. In 2024 we are running a preseason competition with a round robin each night for those that turn up. There is also practice on Thursday nights. Our fees basically cover the cost of hall hire and incidentals for running the club eg balls, trophies etc


We aim to have 3 Divisions each competition but this is dependent on the number of players who sign up. We use Ratings Central to gauge players standards and assign to a division. It is proving to be a good guide to player performance. Please bear this in mind if you are putting together a team. The aim of the match committee is to provide a balanced, competitive event where matches are generally close.

Entering a Competition

We generally like to create a balanced competition, hence we create the teams from the pool of players. Some players prefer to nominate a team, which is fine as long as it meets the above constraints. We will discuss if we see problems, too strong or too weak.

You need to decide if you wish to be in a 3 person or 4 person team. Remember, the season can run for 18 weeks and all players are committing to play each week. Entering in a 4 person team is cheaper (25% less) but requires the team to decide who misses out on a given night. Of course that player can filllin for another team.

To Register

  • Follow the link under the Registration Menu Tab
  • You will need to login see above
  • Select the comps (or Thursday if you play socially) you wish to sign up for
    • 3 or 4 person Team
    • Whether to include Thursday practice in the fee. There is a substantial discount for playing on both nights
  • If you are a Senior (none working and over 65) or a Junior/ Student then you can apply for a discount when paying
  • Agree that you are over 18
  • Click NEXT STEP and proceed to pay
  • You are signed up for the season

Other Events

Other Events include Junior Coaching and Fast 3

Junior Coaching

The kid needs to be become a member first. See above.

The process to pay for coaching is the same as entering a competition. Parents then: