Illawarra District Table Tennis Association

Survey Results


Below are the results for the survey conducted for competition playing members. It was inteneded as a simple survey to gain players views on when they play and how they would prefer to pay The main, broad conclusions are:

  • All participants played in our competion with 40% enjoying practice on a Thursday evening. Players on a Thursday night attend to practice.
  • Most competition players are either Adults or Seniors
  • Our fees are considered Reasonable
  • At least 80% of these players would be comfortable paying less frequently than “On the night”
  • Under a “Pay for Season” system, most players would prefer to separate out Monday Comp and Thursday Practice

The final quesion on a move to Berkeley was to see if there would be some support for a move to that facility. At this point in time there is no intent to move there but options and opportunities are being continually explored.


The committe will develop a proposal for less regular payment methods for Monday and Thursday

A proposal will be presented at next year’s AGM and if accepted the new payment system will be implemented from the start of next year

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