Illawarra District Table Tennis Association

COVID-19 Update November 2021



After discussion with the Management at Beaton Park the following is what we have agreed to comply with their request and resume play.

  1. It is a requirement that all players are DOUBLE VACCINATED and this will be checked upon entry to the premises. Players must show proof at the door. Only fully vaccinated adults are permitted – unvaccinated children MUST be accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult from the same household
  2. All people entering MUST wear a mask – U12’s are exempt – Medical exemption accepted if approved by Chief Medical Officer of NSW Health. Only players on the table are not required to wear a mask.  All coaches MUSTwear a mask
  3. A Covid Safety Officer will be appointed by the Committee and will ENFORCE the Covid-19 requirements
  4. HAND SANITISERS are to be used when entering the premises and for equipment that is shared amongst the players. This includes balls, bats and table tennis tables
  5. Players must only enter and exit the premises via the FRONT DOOR.
  6. Players are NOT ALLOWED TO CONGREGATE upon entry and exiting the building. Players are encouraged enter/exit in single file.
  7. Car-pooling is not recommended for non-family members.
  8. Ensure Public Health Orders regarding “ SOCIAL DISTANCING AND HYGIENE PROTOCOLS” are maintained .This means that any seating will be 1.5 metres apart. 
  9.  We are required to have individual COVID Safety Plans at the venue.