Winter Comp Winners

Winter Comp Winners

After a successful winter comp, even playing roulette with Covid, we have our champions

Div 1

Winners – Kombat Wombats (Jack Jack Contencin, Richard Lassen, Maurice Martinez, Phil Yao)
R/Up- Raiders (Nicholas Jones, Hans Wetsteyn, Brian Wiese, Jiandong Jiang)

Div 2
Winners – Wednesday Social (Brendan Allchorne, Rose Veerhuis, Stephen Young, Yangsong Huang)
R/up – Eagles (Abdel Rahman Abouzed, Terry Liu, Michael Rowney)

Div 3

Winners – Young Guns (Abdullah Baheer, Matthew Exposito, Jayanth Senthilmani Venkatesh)
R/up – Oldies (Bruce Collett, Sean Crowther, Stojan Djurovski, John Ryan)

Congratulations to all who played this competition.