Winter season 2022 registration details

Winter season 2022 registration details

Welcome to the new season of table tennis and hopefully without interuption!
The process to Register for Membership and then pay the Season Fee (from now until August) is the same as last year BUT with one BIG difference! If you register and pay the Season Fee by end of play February 28th you will receive a 10% discount on the amounts shown below. When you progess to paying the Season Fee simply enter earlybird in the box that says “Discount Code

Annual Membership

  • We would appreciate you registering to cover insurance costs ASAP if you have not already done this. Low early registrations will affect the structure of the comp eg number division as we need to start om March 14
  • Follow this link:
  • Click on RENEW
  • Enter you last name and DOB
  • There are 3 Membership types. Most members will be social ie plays in Wollongong so click SOCIAL
  • Make sure that the club is selected and you tick the PLAY OPTIONS checkbox
  • At the bottom of the page you need to show you are not a robot and then proceed to pay
  • If you pay by credit card there will be NO fee

Login to Sign In

From this Newsletter the easiest way to sign up to pay for the SEASON FEE you will be asked to login when you follow this link
If you are using our main site sign up then from the Registrations tab in the main menu to access the various forms
If you have forgotten you login details or your device has not recorded them (are you using the same device as last year?)
  • Your user name is likely to be the initial of you first name then your Last name eg asmith for Alan Smith
  • If you cannot remember your password or usename for that matter the click the FORGOT LOGIN DETAILS button and enter what you know. You will need to use the same email address you are reading this on
  • You will get an email with new login details

Season Fees

Before signing up to play you will need to have Registered first and be clear on your team and whether it is a 3 or 4 person team
There are several options to choose from including 3 and 4 person teams for adults and Senior/Student and also an option to pay for a combined Monday and Thursday. The latter is highly cost effective and proving to be very popular. So the fees are set out below and will appear when you sign up:
When thinking about your team then look at the club ratings for guidance
Although used as a guide it is pretty clear which division makes sense for you. If you don’t want to suggest a team then put that in when asked for a team. We are hoping for 3 Divisions as last year and that too should help in dertermining where you fit in. Talk to some one on the Match committee if you need help
Monday OnlyCombined with Thursday nightsThursday ONLY
3 person Full feesADULT$240$350
4 person teamADULT180$290
Thursday Only Adult$200
Thursday Only Senior/Student$160
Single night ThursdayADULT$12
  • Follow this link
  • You will need to login see above
  • Select the comps (or Thursday if you play socially) you wish to sign up for
  • Agree that you are over 18
  • Click NEXT STEP and proceed to pay and claim your earlybird discount if before February 28th
  • You are signed up for the season

Junior Coaching

The kid needs to be registered for Membership. See above.
The process to pay for coaching is the same as PAY TO PLAY. Parents then:
  • Follow this link
  • You will need to LOGIN. See above
  • Choose to pay by card or use a voucher
  • If you opt for a voucher then come and see us so that we can redeem
  • Proceed to pay