Winter Competition 2021

Winter Competition 2021

At the AGM is was agreed that the club will move from a pay each week to PAY for a season as detailed in the Proposal sent to you a few weeks ago. So each player pays to play in the season. There will be no extra charge for the practise sessions over the next 3 weeks so make use of them!

Also the club will be trialling the use of RATINGS CENTRAL to assign players to Divisions

So to ensure your place in the comp this season you need to:

  • REGISTER. Please do this NOW. It tells us who wants to playand enables you to enter into a team. There is another post detailing the registration process. You will be required to pay on line
  • Check out Ratings central (see link above). AS A GUIDE
    • Above 1200 are players “eligible” for Division 1
    • Players above 950 and under 1250 are “eligible” for Division 2
    • Remaining players for Division 3
  • This is the first time we are using such an approach. Ratings Central is not fool proof so there may need to be some interpretation, but if you imagine how the Divisions shape up you will see there is plenty of competition for all of us.
  • Please start formulating teams. Decide whether a 3 or 4 person team better suits you and plan accordingly. Try and achieve a balance in the team using Ratings Central as a guide. We need to see how this pans out!!
  • On Monday 22 Feb the page will be available on the website to pay for the season. It will be a simple matter of choosing a 3 or 4 person team and whether you are at the adult rate or the Senior/Junior. and paying online. No fee will be charged We will let you know when this is available

The season start is not far away March 15 so get your your teams in EARLY. There is plenty of work for the Match Committee to create the draw

The fees for this season are below. We have decided that if a player chooses to Play Monday and Thursday nights then there will be a further discount of more than 10%. So an adullt will pay $300 and a Senior $250. This means that if you play on a Thursday for more than 50% of the nights you are ahead! Please consider

MondayFee ($)Comment
3 person team adult17514 round robin matches plus finals plus practice
3 person team Senior/Junior145 
4 person team adult135 
4 person team Senior/Junior115 
adult165Assumes 22 Thursday nights