Grand Finals Winter 2021

Grand Finals Winter 2021

What a year. After a rocky start to the competition from the impact of Covid 19 we have managed to complete a full 2 round Winter Season of Table Tennis. Our dedicated group of players conformed to our distance and hygiene requirements for Covid resulting in an excellent, hard fought competition. Thanks to all our members for their support.

A Grade Grand Final

In the A grade Grand Final, the Chicko’s Roosters ( Graeme Wells (Captain), Walter Chichkan, Alan Russell and Shisir Lama), after remaining undefeated throughout the Round Robin season and easily defeating the Broncos in the first semi final (Singha Piyacha (Captain), Leo Piyacha and Maurice Martinez) succumbed in the final to hand the Championship to the Broncos. Doubles matches proved pivitol in the result.

B Grade Final

In the B Grade final, the Wollongong Wizards (John Hanlon (Captain), Dylan Ward and Andrew Vento) retained their undefeated status for the year in defeating the Destroyers (Bernie Kuiper (Captain), Adam Purdon and Yiu Key Ho) in a high standard, hotly contested Grand Final. Congratulation Wollongong Wizards.


Due to the impact of Covid on our year trophy presentations will take place early next year

Below are a few images from the Grand Final action