Junior Table Tennis Development

Junior Table Tennis Development

Berkeley Junior Coaching

As a result of the tireless efforts of Graeme Wells and a small band of willing helpers, together with the growing desire at the Berkeley Sports Association to foster the growth of Table tennis in the Region, young players from schools in the area are being encouraged to learn the sport

Many schools were approached, thanks to the Berkeley Sports Association, and 16 kids accepted from a range of schools.

This is the first school holiday clinic ever run in the Illawarra. As an association we have tried unsuccessfully many times, but this initiative by Berkeley (Roy Ramsical and Ian Richardson) has been remarkable.

The kids ranged in age from 6 to 12

Over the 8 days we covered, forehand attack and defence and backhand attack and defence.

Each day incorporated games as well as demonstrations, drills and explanation.Thanks go to Bruce and Cathy Powell who have been there most days.

Shisir Lama, Jack Contencin and Peter Besnard also put in appearances and helped enormously.

Alex from Berkeley was instrumental in the setting up of equipment and providing name tags for the kids.

Coaching at Beaton Park

For the last 2 years Graeme has organised Junior Coaching at Beaton Park on Thursday evening. Coaching time is limited to 1 hour as many of the kids have school the following day, but some stay later to practice their new skill base. A couple of the kids from the Berkely Coaching are now joining this group. Typically we have 6-10 enthusiastic players each week, learning the skills and most importantly having fun.

Graeme can often be seen gasping for breath as he joins a fun knockout game with the kids where you hit the ball from one end of the table then rush to the other end for your next shot. As players are eliminated (miss the return) then the need to get to the other end becomes more urgent!! Lot of fun.

Our club will stay strong if the kids are involved. All welcome.