1952 A search for a dedicated Venue Commences

1952 A search for a dedicated Venue Commences

Extract from 1952 Annual Report


The lack of a table tennis centre was discussed and it was felt that a room available for play on several nights per week would be a boon for players.  The Staff Street Giants were unable to enter the competition due to a lack of facilities.  It was mentioned that it was disappointing that Wollongong had a lack of such facilities available to sporting organisations. The search continues in 2020!

The photo is of George Barlow Works Open Single Champion in 1952

District Championships

Three hundred and seventy entries were received for eighteen events.  Winners in singles events received £1.7.6., runners-up 15/-.  Doubles winners £1.0.0. each, runners-up 10/- each.  Ladies and gents special singles trophies were donated by W Brown.  Ladies open singles winner received a trophy donated by T F Stewart.

Terry Orvard defeated Alan Boyall in the final of the South Coast Singles held at Lysaghts on 1 August.  He received £3.0.0., Allan £1.0.0., as prize money.  Unfortunately it was not possible to have Sydney players take part in this event.

Before the district finals night commenced on Thursday 31 August, President Merrick Coates, told spectators that the standard of table tennis had been raised considerably during the previous twelve months.  Generally, all matches reached a good standard.

A large crowd witnessed a top night of table tennis at the Brandon Hall and were treated to a remarkable exhibition of the sport.  In the main event Terry Orvard, captain of Woonona Club, smashed and drove his way to the title with a straight sets win over team-mate Keith Pepper 21-16, 21-8, 21-14.  Pepper playing in his third open final was off form while Orvard had never played better.  Pepper was never at ease and continually missed forehand smashes.  Even his usually impenetrable defence was not working at anywhere near its usual standard.

Orvard scored a dual success when he partnered Pepper to defeat title holders Alan Boyall and Lionel Ali in the doubles 21-16, 21-7, 14-21, 21-18.

Kiama Club Forms

As a result of an exhibition held in Kiama this year and in previous years, a Kiama Table Tennis Association was formed.

Year End Celebration (and cost!)

A presentation dance was held at Wollongong Surf Club on 24 October, with hall hire donated by the Surf Club. Some costs of staging the night were: 

  • Dance advertisement in Illawarra Mercury £0.9.0.
  • Orchestra £5.0.0.
  • Payment for cleaner £1.1.0.
  • Teams prizes £26.5.0.
  • District championships prizes £43. 0.0.
  • Engraving trophies £1.11.6.

The Treasurer reported a profit of £1.10.0. was made on the dance.